New York State Teamsters Conference Pension & Retirement Fund

Retiree Representative

Revised MPRA Application—Full Text

Main Documents

Summary of Application

Demonstration that PPP Cuts Are Distributed Equitably (Exhibit 9)

Demonstration that Limits on MPRA Cuts Under the PPP Are Satisfied (Exhibit 6)

Demonstration that PPP Is Reasonably Estimated to Avoid Insolvency (Exhibit 7)

Projection of Funded Percentage (Exhibit 14)

Ten-Year History re Contributions, Withdrawal Liability Payments, & Investment Returns (Exhibit 12)

List of Contributing Employers (Exhibit 10)

Contribution Rates by Employer as of Aug 1 2015 (Exhibit 22)

Rehabilitation Plan (Exhibit 19)

Percentage of Contributions Under Each Rehabilitation Plan Schedule (Exhibit 20)

Proposed Ballot (Exhibit 11)

Other Documents

Penalty of Perjury Statement (Exhibit 1)

Public Disclosure Statement (Exhibit 2)

Actuarial Certification of Eligibility for MPRA Cuts due to Critical & Declining Status (Exhibit 3)

Actuarial Certification that PPP Is Projected to Avoid Insolvency (Exhibit 4)

Actuarial Certification that PPP Is Projected to Avoid Insolvency–Supplement (Exhibit 5)

Demonstration that PPP Cuts Do Not Materially Exceed Level Needed to Avoid Insolvency (Exhibit 8)

Solvency Projections If Investment Returns or Contributions Are Lower Than Expected (Exhibit 13)

Plan Sponsor Certification of Amendments Required for MPRA Application (Exhibit 15)

IRS Favorable Determination Letter (Exhibit 16)

Employer Participation Agreements (Exhibit 17)

2015 Form 5500 – Annual Return Report to Department of Labor (Exhibit 18)

Two Most Recent Actuarial Valuations of Plan Assets & Liabilities (Exhibit 21)

Sample Notices to Participants of Proposed Cuts (Appendix A)

Designation of Fund Attorneys & Representatives for the Application Process (Appendix B)